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Whether you are a etailer (eCommerce), single store retail owner, or a multi-store chain, we have an integrated solution to increase your revenue atleast 10x.

Do not fly blind..! Know customer crucials -   What, When and Where. It works like a magic..!

Join the next generation eCommerce cult (if not already). Find new customers and increase revenue with SENSE INFINITY platform.

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Customized marketing offers for individual customer to increase cross-selling and loyalty.

Predictive Insights

With predictive insights, design a custom marketing campaigns for enhanced RoI

Unleash eCommerce

Reduce operational expenses and unleash power of true eCommerce for better profitability.

Merchandising Analytics

To enhance in-store excellence and leverage assortment & new introductions.

More Loyal Customers

Just don't acquire new customers but improve the retention for exponential growth


Sense Infinity (sense8) is an advanced predictive analytics platform to help retail owners unleash the real potential of data. Our advanced algorithmic approach helps retailers to plan customized offers and marketing campaigns for better customer acquisition and retention. With advanced sense8 'data-as-a-service' retailers can learn consumer behaviour and gain real-time insights.

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Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride...? Crazy enough to be disruptive..!

Please see below opportunities and send us an email with detail profile.

Full Stack Web Developer

If you are a techie and interested in building complex web-architecture platform.

Android Developer

Mobile first developer to build funneled Android App experience.

Backend Engineers

Techie responsible for 0 & 1's- C++, PHP, REST server side.

Data   Engineer

Rising stars in big data- NoSQL, Hadoop, Server side programming.

Marketing Manager

Up for a challenge to make others aware about what we are upto...!

In-house Tech Entrepreneur

All Rounder, crazy enough to digest and dream what we are living.